You have probably noticed by now that the site has undergone a few cosmetics changes!!!

Social Media Accounts

To start off Mother's & Women United now has [fa class="fa-facebook-square fa-lg"]Facebook and [fa class="fa-twitter-square fa-lg"]Twitter Pages.

They can be found here:

[fa class="fa-facebook-square fa-lg"]Facebook

[fa class="fa-twitter-square fa-lg"]Twitter

Be sure and Like and Follow us on both accounts, anything posted on the site gets automatically posted on FB and Twitter so you never miss a thing!!!

Site Changes 09/26/2016

In an effort to keep things as clean and functional as possible last night the development team made some changes to some portions of the site.

Future Site Changes...

Some upcoming changes to the site are:

Thank you for your patience while these current have been made and for any futures changes that may cause site disruption.

Eldgin Brown

Eldgin Brown - Site Administrator

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